Become A Restaurant

Hash Breakfast Burritos is a virtual restaurant brand that operates under a unique business model. We extend an invitation to other established restaurants to act as fulfillment centers in partnership with us. Our approach is designed to streamline the process of serving our delectable breakfast burritos to a wider audience through various online platforms such as DoorDash, UberEats, and other online vendors.

Here’s how our collaboration works: Hash Breakfast Burritos will take the initiative to create a dedicated website and list our offerings on these popular food delivery platforms. Customer orders will be directed to Hash, where our system will determine the nearest restaurant capable of fulfilling the order promptly.

One noteworthy aspect of our partnership is that participating restaurants are not burdened with any upfront costs or expenses. Instead, our designated drivers will visit these establishments weekly to conduct inventory counts and replenish supplies as needed, ensuring a seamless operational flow. Similarly, our drivers will monitor packaging usage and provide necessary replenishments.

It’s important to emphasize that our model does not entail any fees or startup costs for restaurants that choose to collaborate with us. Our aim is to forge mutually beneficial partnerships that facilitate the efficient delivery of Hash Breakfast Burritos to our eager customers while offering participating restaurants a hassle-free way to expand their revenue streams.

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Pickup or Delivery

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